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While you concentrate on your core function, leave the non core business of entertainment to us, we will ensure that all your guests are entertained thoroughly and make this important family function a memorable one.
Geets recruitment service is an Employment Agency which provides both national and international employment opportunities. We facilitate in providing jobs for Middle Management and top Management in India and abroad.
Presently looking for a rewarding employment with an employer who provides a direct link between efforts made and financial bonuses.

Our Services

Working long hours contacting employers and clients and talking to them to gain a better understanding of their requirements and needs. Then building an understanding of their industry and corporate culture and finally scouting for potential employees for their open positions :


(A) Organise events for marriage

We do not create events, we create only unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

(B) Organise events for college

While selecting artists, the audience choice is kept in mind as these events are completely mass centric.

(C) Organise events For corporates

Organizations plan and hold these meetings with targeted audiences, and provide them with relevant information.

(D) Organise events Private Parties

Our services include private parties, party planning and event organising, party supplies, props, backdrops and entertainment.

(E) College/school Reunion

An Imperial education is something special. Learn from world class experts and be part of a global community.

(F) Brand promotion

Geet Events creates a positive perception for your Brand, Product, Services, Profile and Reputation.

(G) Social Events

We might think we are on the customers’ side whenever we use the language of Customer Experience.


  1. Helping clients to find suitable candidate to fill their vacancies.

  2. Involved with the marketing department to devise job adverts.

  3. Placing adverts in relevant market journals and publications, job boards and local press.

  4. Making phone calls to candidates who are judged to be eligible.

  5. Conducting phone interviews with prospective candidates.

  6. Describing the work duties, salary and benefits of a particular vacancy.

  7. Doing background checks and verifying the references, work experience and academic qualifications of applicants.

  8. Screening, testing and assessing candidates.

  9. Developing a relationship with interviewees.

  10. Receiving and reading through the CVs that job seekers have sent in to the recruitment agency.

  11. Arranging interviews with candidates who have been short listed for a position.

  12. Drawing up short lists of suitable candidates.

  13. Involved in negotiating the salary between the client and the candidate.

  14. Attending job fairs on the company’s behalf, standing at a staff and talking with graduates and job seekers.

  15. Updating the recruitment agency database with the details of potential candidates.

  16. Assisting applicants with their interview techniques.

  17. Calling up a candidate and informing them if they have been successful or unsuccessful in their application.

  18. Calling companies to generate more business for the recruitment agency.

  19. Attending meetings with clients at their offices.

  20. Ensuring the compliance of any temporary worker or contractor placed.

  21. Giving clients advice and guidance on appropriate pay rates, training and career development.

  22. Building own database of clients and contacts.

Business strategy

Strategies are concerned with the scope of a business activities i.e. what and where they produce.

In Progress

About Us

One of the event management companies in Bangalore with its roots across
the nations at Malawi and Blantaire in South Africa.

Our Company

Geets Events and Consultants is a startup in India but has been into the business of event management abroad for the last five years.

We have organized a number of international and National events at different countries and cities of South Africa.

Being an NRI we are relocating to India and making a sincere effort to contribute our experience, talents and our international connects to the people of India.

We cater to a wide range of cultural events across the cultures in India namely religious ceremonies, weddings, ring ceremony, private party and folk songs all those which are close to your heart and bring smiles to your faces that too in your own cultural style and in your own traditions.

Professional Experience

Recruitment competencies:

  1. Having in depth knowledge of the recruitment industry.

  2. Experience of filling both temporary and permanent positions.

  3. Experience in daily time planning.

  4. Have a business to business sales background.

  5. Can produce mail shots and marketing literature to develop business area.

  6. Strong track record of customer and applicant control.

  7. Experience of social media sourcing.

  8. Extensive knowledge of how business work.


  1. Enjoy working in a highly pressurized with demanding sales environment.

  2. Excellent interpersonal skills and able to communicate effectively.

  3. Focused on results and goals oriented.

  4. Professional, intuitive and analytical in approach to issues and projects.

  5. Able to run own desk without being micro managed.

  6. Promoting all available employees through candidate marketing calls.

  7. Confident and diplomatic when talking to people.

  8. Quick and efficient.

Core Competencies

Key Skills

  1. Head Hunting

  2. Negotiating contracts

  3. Interviewing

  4. Marketing

  5. Positive attitude

  6. Eye for detail

  7. Desire to win

  8. People skills

  9. Ability to sell

Business Value

In management, business value is an informal term that includes all forms of value that determine the health and well-being of the firm in the long run.

Our Team

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